Hello! My name is Priscilla and Gastrawnomica is the blog where I share my own & favorite vegan recipes. 

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I hope you enjoy the recipes and find what you’re looking for! Most of the recipes, as you will notice, have a very limited amount of nuts, seeds and heavy food combinations. I try to stick to a much more simple kind of lifestyle, where I focus on enhancing the flavor of each ingredient, without adding too many things, and keeping them delicious! You’ll see that most of the recipes are fruit and veggie based, feel free to always season them to your taste.


53 thoughts on “Home

  1. The video you post for the watermelon salad won’t play properly for me.
    Could you tell me what the recipe was. I know watermelon but I couldn’t see the rest.
    Thankyou so much, looking forward to more! I’m new at this and this is great information.
    (Leen da)

    • Hey Linda! Sure, the recipe was a bowl of greens (any kind, lettuce, spinach, kale.. whatever you prefer); then watermelon chunks and for the dressing watermelon with parsley but you can use cilantro, dill, basil.. any fresh herb you want! Hope it helps.

  2. i look forward to your post! your such a sweet gentle person….you will touch many lives. thanks for doing what you do- GOD BLESS

  3. I met you at Arnolds in his a.m. class.
    What a pleasure to meet you. I wanted
    to pick your brain but see your website
    will be of help.

    Linda in PA

  4. Hi Priscilla!
    I’m glad you started a website and are now posting videos :)) I just found your page and I think it looks good !! I hope to watch more recipe videos of you soon ;) Have a great time over there;) Greets, Marlene

  5. You are delightful, Priscilla, and your English is great!!!

    I love eating fruits and vegetables, and have been following 801010 since 2006.

    Best to you on your journey,

  6. Hola, soy amigo de tu mami, y me da muchisimo gusto que hayas encontrado la forma de cambiar tu vida, y poder con ello ayudar a otras personas a cambiar la mia, te comento mi experiencia yo en octubre del 2009, conoci un metodo lamado Alimentacion Fisiologica, y me cambio la vida, no solo adelgace si no que ahora vivo delgado y feliz.. te quiero envia el libro de este metodo y ojala pueda nutrir todo lo que ya haces y enseñas.
    Te mando un abrazote y te deseo el mejor de los exitos. DTB.

    Mandame tu mail y te envio el libro en ebook.

    atte. Dr. Nabani Matus Lerma

  7. Love the way your touching so many people and make them think about the way we are doing things. I already began to make a change and it feels good. God has a perfect plan for you and being obedient to his word and to his voice you will be more amazing than you are right NOW. God bless all your plans, we are excited that we are gong to spend christmas with you!!!

    • I love you!! Can’t wait for christmas, so excited!! Yeeeei.
      Mandame un update, quiero que me cuentes como vas, todo, todo! Ya sabes que cualquier cosa que necesites 24/7 para ti!
      Love you lots, miss you thousands. Big kiss

  8. Prisci como estas? ya me dijeron que ya cocinas muy rico, espero que cuando vengas a tux nos des a probar un poco para darle el visto bueno, se te extraña mucho, pero lo bueno que ya vienes. Tkm, saludos y nos vemos pronto :)

  9. Do you people have a facebook or twitter fan web page? I looked for for one on facebook or myspace but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  10. Hey Proscilla,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. May God Bless You!
    I always look forward to your next blog.
    I’m on my way to becoming raw, but I’m not quite there yet.


  11. Hi Priscilla. Just discovered your blog through twitter. Great job, we need more inspiration in the world so thank you for sharing your positive attitude and message. I got into raw food and juicing about a year ago and loved it so much that I started selling juicers on my own. :) If you ever need some tips or advice on juicing or juicers, don’t hesitate to write.


  12. Priscilla,

    I had a private question for you…..is there an email I can contact you at? Looked all over and couldn’t find one?

    Thanks so much!


  13. Hola Priscilla! Soy nueva en esto y me gustaria saber que es lo que generalmente comes dia a dia? Necesito un poco de guidance porque tengo muchos cravings y al final acabo comiendo otras cosas. Muchas gracias, me encanta tu blog!!

    • Hola May, sería un poco difícil decir que como cada día porque varía, pero consumo entre 2000-2400 cals por día, la mayoría vienen de frutas y verduras. Para tus antojos te recomiendo hacer postres vegan como los que puedes encontrar en las recetas del blog, te quitan antojos y son muy ricos o también te puedes hacer helados de fruta. A la hora de la comida siempre como básicamente cualquiera de las recetas que veas como “main dish” en la sección de recetas aquí es una opción. Espero que si te dé más o menos una idea, es normal que al principio te sientas un poco perdida, después vas a ver que fácil y rico es!

  14. Hi Priscilla. I just love all your video’s and blogs and amazing ideas for healthy eating. I’m new to this. My husband has cancer and I knew we had to change our diet and I can’t thank you enough for making that transition fun and easy with all your great recipes and video’s. My favorite thing so far is making pasta from zucchini. I call it linguini zucchini. I bought the same gadget as you to make it look just like pasta. I love your sauces for it, especially the Creamy Zucchini Spaghetti…Yummy and so healthy. I swear I was eating pasta!!! You are a true inspiration. Keep up the great work and thank you for creating your website, blog and videos. Not easy being a student and doing all of this. You are helping so many people from all around the world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Elise~

    • Hi Elise!
      You have no idea how happy it makes me read your message! Keeping up with blog is pretty hard sometimes, specially during my exams but for things like this it’s worth every minute of my time! I’m very glad you like that pasta, it is one of my favorite too! For one time I think I ate that almost everyday for lunch!:P
      I wish your husband the best and that changing his lifestyle habits bring new health and healing to his body! What you’re doing is amazing!

      Thank you!!!

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