Raw Vegan Mango-Lime Cheesecake {Oil/Gluten Free}

Today I am SO excited to finally share with you this recipe! I made it a few days ago but had to wait until my recipe video and the photos were ready to finally post the recipe. This is so perfect for the summer, full of flavor and highlighting my favorite time of the year: berry season!

Besides being super flavorful and seriously tastes like a real cheesecake (but way better!) it is pretty easy to make, also it is oil free and holds the consistency perfect when it’s out of the freezer.

I came up with this recipe since I’m currently on a raw vegan cheesecake addiction, and I want everything that has to do with cheesecakes! It’s my favorite treat every week!

This flavors come together really nice and I really hope you all try it and love it as much as we all did, by the way, this is 100% approved by non vegans too!

Foto 30-6-15 11 47 24

Gastrawnomica’s Raw Vegan Mango-Lime Cheesecake {Oil/Gluten Free}

Makes a 6′ cheesecake or 3 small


1 cup pitted dates

1/2 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened

1/3 cup coconut flour

3-5 Tbsp water


2 cups soaked raw cashews

1/3 cup coconut butter, melted

Juice from 1 lime

1 tsp vanilla extract

3/4 cup (room temperature) water 

1/4 cup maple syrup or coconut nectar

6 stevia drops

1 Ataulfo mango, pitted and ripe


2 cups fresh raspberries (or berries of choice)

Foto 30-6-15 6 16 08

Start by soaking the nuts for 5-6 hours. 

Prepare the crust by processing the dates, coconut and coconut flour in your food processor or vitamix. Add the water as needed, until you have a sticky consistency. Transfer mixture to a cheesecake pan or mini cheesecake molds like I did.

Leave in the freezer and continue with the filling.

Blend the cashews, melted coconut butter, maple syrup, lemon juice, water, vanilla and stevia drops until you have a very creamy consistency. Transfer half of the mixture to cheesecake pans and freeze. Mix the rest of the mixture with the ripe mango until creamy and smooth. 

2015-06-26 12.56.47

Spread over the first filling and freeze for 18-24 hours. Once ready, leave outside the freezer for 5 minutes and remove from pan while frozen. 

Mash 1 cup fresh raspberries with 1 Tbsp lemon juice and stevia drops or sweetener of choice. Spread on top of cheesecake and top with the rest of the fresh raspberries. 

This holds really well if left in the fridge but you can also put it back on the freezer if desired.

Foto 25-6-15 18 17 57

I hope you all really enjoy this recipe and let me know what you think! I’m planning on making more cheesecakes during the month so you’ll be seeing lots of this in the blog! Would love to hear your opinion and see your pictures on Instagram or Facebook, don’t forget to tag me #gastrawnomica.

Have a beautiful start of the month!!

Step-by-step video in spanish:


High Protein Tahini-Vanilla Bean Dip with Livwell Protein Powder

Hello beauties! 

I have a quick and simple recipe for you today. This will be a short blog post since I’m in my midterms week and don’t have much time to spare, but promise this recipe is so worth it!

I’ve been enjoying this dip almost everyday! It is so easy to make and just so yummy! I received some samples from an amazing new company called Livwell and let me tell you, these are some of the best protein powders I’ve ever tried! 

Foto 23-6-15 12 06 13

Besides being raw, sprouted and organic, the flavor is amazing and it is truly what makes the dip so delicious. My favorite was the vanilla bean protein powder, since I have more of a vanilla-ish sweet tooth and I’m not a huge fan of cacao.

Anyways, the recipe is pretty simple and you can find this protein powder online, you can use your favorite vanilla protein powder though this one hits the spot!

Foto 23-6-15 12 07 18

Gastrawnomica’s High Protein Tahini-Vanilla Bean Dip

Serves 1

2 Tbsp tahini (preferably from dry-roasted seeds but you can use raw too)

1 tsp vanilla bean protein powder from Livwell**


Water or almond milk as needed

Foto 23-6-15 12 04 42

Mix your ingredients, adding water/milk until smooth and creamy.

**If you don’t like to use protein powders or simply don’t have access to this one, substitute the protein powder with 3 stevia drops + 1 tsp vanilla extract + 1/2 tbsp coconut flour. Mix well with the water/milk until you have a creamy consistency. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Foto 23-6-15 12 07 25

Voilá! Dip is ready to be served and enjoyed! I’m absolutely addicted to apples so of course those were my choice, but feel free to serve it with your favorite fruits!

This is how it looks without the protein powder and if you add a little bit more liquid and cinnamon (super delish too, more of a sauce than dip consistency). 

Foto 24-6-15 11 41 41


4 Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate Squares

Hi friends! 

Sorry for being so MIA lately but with school and the all the summer activities happening I haven’t found much time to blog. I do post daily on both Instagram and Facebook, so if you don’t follow me there yet you can find me as Gastrawnomica. You won’t miss a day without any of my food posts!

Foto 22-6-15 8 21 34

Today I want to share with you one dessert I’ve been loving lately. It is super easy to make and you only need 4 ingredients! I love the consistency and the flavor, super sweet without having any sugar and even though I use carob instead of cacao, you wouldn’t know there’s no chocolate in there!

Gastrawnomica’s 4 Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate Squares 

Serves 1

3 Tbsp melted coconut butter

2 Tbsp tahini (raw or toasted, but I prefer toasted) 

1 big Tbsp carob powder (can use cacao too)

6 drops of stevia or 1 Tbsp coconut nectar or maple syrup 

Foto 22-6-15 8 21 30

Mix melted coconut butter with tahini until you have a smooth and creamy paste. Add carob and mix again, you should have a smooth and buttery mixture.

Pour mixture into a plastic or silicon mold and freeze for 10-15 minutes until it is very firm. Remove from freezer and cut in desire form. Mine just got broken like uniform chocolate squares. 

Foto 22-6-15 8 21 37 (1)

Enjoy right away! You can put them back in the freezer and they will keep fine for about a week.

Hope you guys try the recipe and let me know how it goes! Also tag me on Instagram if you post the picture of this or any other of my recipes using hashtag #gastrawnomica.

Foto 22-6-15 8 21 32

Have a lovely week!

Recipe video in spanish:



Oil & Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese

So sorry for taking so long to post this recipe. I know many of you have been waiting for it since I posted the video in my youtube channel. 

This recipe besides being super simple, is absolutely delicious and it’s crazy how similar it tastes to mac & cheese. The texture hits the spot and you totally feel like you’re eating some not so healthy, super cheesy pasta!

For the recipe I used quinoa pasta, I always go for gluten free, but feel free to use any pasta of your choice, just try to make it whole grain based and not white.

Mac and chees-01

Gastrawnomica’s Oil & Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese 

Serves 4-6 

1 package of quinoa pasta, cooked

1 cup steamed carrots

2 cups steamed potatoes, peeled

1 1/2 cup warm water

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

2 Tbsp tahini

1 tsp onion powder 

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Foto 28-2-15 11 18 08

Blend all your ingredients except pasta on a high speed blender, adding water slowly until you reach a very creamy and thick consistency. You don’t want it to be very soupy, add water as needed.

Heat a medium-large saucepan an put on medium heat. Add sauce and warm a little bit, mixing while you heat add the cooked pasta and mix well. 

Make sure to cover well and turn heat off. Feel free to add more vegetables like peas, broccoli, mushrooms, basil.. Or just serve it traditionally and top with some fresh herbs or cherry tomatoes like I did.

Foto 28-2-15 9 02 25

This will keep on the fridge up to 5-6 days. It will also firm up more once it gets cold. 

Hope you really enjoy this and let me know what you think when you try it! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram #gastrawnomica so I can see all your beautiful creations. 


Talk to you soon!



NO BAKE Oil & Gluten Free Mango Crumble

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did!

Since I arrived to Victoria, I’ve been really enjoying all the outdoor activities, raw food restaurants and all the amazing vegan food available. We have a great Chinatown here, and my friend Heather and I decided to make a special recipe video a few days ago using some delicious mangoes from there, we decided to make a crumble that turned out amazing!

It is so easy to prepare and we had so much fun making it! Besides being absolutely delicious, it is really simple and you can also serve it in little ramekins for individual portions. It’s so yummy!

Foto 18-5-15 9 19 41

NO BAKE Oil & Gluten Free Mango Crumble

By Gastrawnomica and Sweetly Raw 

Serves 4 

4 Ataulfo mangoes, ripe and cubed

Zest of 1 lime

Juice of 1/2 lime 

1/2 cup raw cashews

1/2 cup raw walnuts

1/4 cup dried coconut flakes, unsweetened

1/2 cup packed dates

1/3 cup gluten free oat flour

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp water

Pinch of sea salt

Foto 18-5-15 9 20 47

Start by putting all your crumble ingredientes in the food processor. Mix until you have a crumble consistency, you want it to be lightly sticky. 

In a large bowl, mix your cubed mangoes with lime juice and zest. Put mixture on a square container, covering all edges. Top with nut/date crumble and cover. Refrigerate 10-15 minutes or serve right away if you can’t wait like us!

Feel free to add some berries, a scoop of banana ice cream or drizzle with some raspberry-date sauce like we did! You can keep the crumble on the fridge for up to 4 days. 

Foto 16-5-15 16 09 51

If you want to try more recipes like this, check out my friend Heather’s website Sweetly Raw. It’s going to make you drool with all the goodies she makes, I’ve tried some of her desserts and they truly taste as good as they look! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week, let us know if you like the crumble!

Foto 16-5-15 16 09 28

Here’s the recipe vlog we did, you can see the step-by-step (and practice your Spanish at the same time!). 


Oil Free Vegetable Curry with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds

Today I have an amazing recipe for you to try! It is incredibly simple to make yet so flavorful and nutritious! 

I made this a few days ago, when the weather was a bit chilly and I was craving something warm but not too heavy, so I decided to throw some things together using some amazing hemp seeds I got from Manitoba Harvest

I received a little package last week with some of their hemp seeds, I absolutely love this brand, it actually was the first brand of hemp seeds that I ever tried many years ago when I was living in Montreal.


There are so many different ways to use hemp seeds that you don’t really need a recipe, you can use it for salty or sweet, for lunch, breakfast, dinner or even dessert! If you want some ideas on how to use them you can find many recipes on the recipe section of the blog.

Oil Free Vegetable Curry with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds 

Serves 2

2 medium tomatoes, ripe and chopped

1 cauliflower head, chopped

1/4 cup chopped scallions

1 sweet potato, peeled and cubed

1 small butternut squash, peeled and cubed

1/2 cup halved brussel sprouts

1 tsp curry powder

Herbs and seasoning to taste

2-3 Tbsp Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds

Romaine lettuce, corn tortillas, tostadas/chips or quinoa


Start by putting your tomatoes, cauliflower, sweet potato, squash, Brussel sprouts and scallions on a medium saucepan on medium heat. Cover and let it cook for a few minutes, stir all the vegetables and add seasonings to taste. Continue cooking all the vegetables, the smaller you cook them the faster they will be ready.

Let it cool down and prepare your serving plates. I served my curry with romaine lettuce, to make tacos, but feel free to use any other things like a side of brown rice or quinoa, or serve it with tortillas for some warm tacos with guacamole.

Top the curry with hemp seeds and enjoy!


You can also see how I did it step by step at the end of this vlog I made for my spanish-speaking followers on Youtube.


Island Nut Roastery -Nut Butter Review + GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and feel ready and energized to start this week! Today I have a special blog post for you that I’m super excited to share!

A few days ago, I receIved a box full of goodies from Island Nut Roastery, a new company from Victoria I recently discovered while doing my grocery shopping. I started seeing their nut butters in a couple of health food stores around the island, and when I saw it was locally made, I was instantly hooked. 


First I tried their almond butter, so crunchy and the aroma was lovely. You actually feel like your eating freshly made almond butter, one of the great things about companies who still make their products in small batches. I had the opportunity to talk with the owner Max, who told me all about the history behind their company and their products. 


They actually started as a bulk food retailer and started making small batches of nut butters with their own dry roasted nuts for a couple of friends and clients, which I can agree they are so good that demand grew so much they are now all around British Columbia.

After enjoying some spoonfuls of almond butter (may or may not have been straight from the jar) I decided to try the almond-hemp butter, which is the one I was the most excited to try. 


In all this years I’ve tried many nut butters, both hemp & almond butter, but never together. The first thing you notice with this butter is the texture, oh boy, it is so good! Super crunchy and nutty, you can definitely taste the hemp but the flavor is not very overwhelming compared to hemp butter, it has the light, sweet flavor of almond butter with a touch of that nutty flavor and texture of hemp seeds.


I ate it with some apple slices, carrots and even put it on top of my morning fruit plate for an extra boost of Omega-3 and healthy fats. It was amazing.

Then it came the cashew butter. OH MY GOD. I can’t even start telling you how good this is, from the moment I opened the jar I knew I was going to love it. This was definitely my favorite. It is the first time I try such a thick, creamy and dense cashew butter (and I’ve tried many). It really took me a while to come out of surprise-mode. I couldn’t even wait to try it on something else, my spoon was pretty much enough. 


The aroma was also very nice, the butter is really that, BUTTER! Super rich, creamy, dense… So many adjectives I could use but honestly, is one of those things you just have to try. 

I find the combo of dates and cashews really nice, since it’s a great way to pair the sweetness of the dates with that subtle but rich taste of the cashews. It was the perfect treat!

IMG_0375Now, the exciting news for you! The kind people from Island Nut Roastery sent me more nut butters to share with you!! I will have 4 giveaways! 2 winners will get 2 of the nut butters (you get to choose them) and 2 winners will get one nut butter! Isn’t it amazing? The giveaway is open for all my US & Canadian followers! YAY!

Here are the simple 2 steps you need to do:

1. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook @gastrawnomica and share the picture I will post about the giveaway on your Instagram, tag me and let me know which nut butters you would like to receive. 

2. Like the company on their facebook page 

AND THAT IS IT! You really can’t miss this giveaway, it is so easy to be part of it and if you don’t have an Instagram account you can do it on Facebook, just make sure that when you share the picture it is public so I can see it when you tag me. 

The winners will be announced this Friday!