My name is Priscilla, I’m 22 years old and I’m a certified Health Coach, advanced detox and plant-based lifestyle coach. I live in Victoria, BC, where I go to college and I’m currently a Holistic Nutrition student. My interest in veganism, health and fitness started almost 6 years ago, when I decided to follow a plant-based diet at age 17 after struggling with an eating disorder.

Though I was born and raised in a Christian family, I never really knew what having a relationship with God was. I would go to church every Sunday, pray everyday before meals, before sleeping, you know, the “routine”. But it wasn’t until I found myself powerless and helpless when I finally reached out to God, lying in an hospital bed because of severe anemia and dehydration, that I prayed with all my heart, for forgiveness and a miracle that was almost impossible to happen. I had messed it up, abusing of myself, my body and my health for the last couple of years, but it happened. The unbelievable, the miracle, whatever you want to call it. I left the hospital with a second chance to start from zero. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here”. 2 Corinthians 5:17

So I made a promise to God that if He helped me to leave the hospital that night and give me a second chance, I would do anything to change my life. And that’s how it all started. I began reading about healing your body naturally, I was already interested in vegetarianism and all things health, but had no idea where to start. I was raised in a home with really good eating habits  compared to traditional SAD diets, we rarely ate red meats, mostly fish, lots of vegetables and fruits, but of course, many SAD diet junk food here and there. Happily, everyone now is more conscious about good food choices and aware of things we used to ignore.


I became passionate about health, veganism and fitness! My life changed completely, and even though life always has ups and downs, I realized no matter what, life is beautiful. I’ve learned from my mistakes and like I always say: “There are no mistakes in life, only lessons learned”. If you’ve been suffering from an ED I have something to tell you, life is short, life is beautiful and you are too! Don’t let it fool you and play with your mind, we can be healthy and still enjoy beautiful foods that will not just be good for our bodies, but good for our soul! Having a good diet is not enough, we need spiritual and emotional balance to be complete, so I invite you to start a new day TODAY!

Here I will not try to convince people to go vegan, raw, or whatever there is in between. I will just share my experience, my knowledge, recipes and what has worked for me, with the hope that my story and my life can give you the little push we need sometimes to make the right changes and improve your quality of life. It’s not about following a diet, it’s about lifestyle choices. 


My diet has changed a lot since I became vegan at the end of year 2009. After almost 5 years of veganism and the first 2 eating all raw, I noticed how certain communities are very dogmatic and at one point, you lose sense of what this is all about. I don’t like to call myself anything anymore just because I don’t feel the need to do so. 

I eat a wide variety of real, whole, plant-based foods, and I don’t push myself into eating things I simply don’t feel like, or I know are harmful for my body, specially all processed foods. Let’s say I eat super healthy foods but indulge here and there. Why not?

I work with people all over the world, both in my own practice and online, helping them achieve their health goals, detoxify their bodies the natural way and learn how to successfully follow a plant-based diet. I write for different magazines in my area and health related websites too, promoting healthy habits and plant-based living. I love what I do and I feel so blessed for waking up everyday and be able to help so many with the tools God has given me. 

I hope you all enjoy the blog and that I can be a little bit of inspiration for you to pursue happiness and health as I do, with healthy living tips, and delicious, super simple recipes to share! 

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  1. i love your blog, and i’m so happy that you’re doing well! i’m going to have to try some of these recipes. i have mad love for you, ever since you were in my sunday school class sooooo many years ago! besos!

    • I know with the weather changing your body wants more warm food but I feel that as long as I eat enough and calorie rich fruits like bananas is not hard. Also I do drink herbal teas, caffeine free. Sometimes I do them myself using fresh organic herbs and that helps me a lot to keep my body warm during winter time. During the next couple of weeks I will have a new post that I’m working on right now, on how to stay raw during the winter and some tips and information I found very interesting to keep warm.
      Check my blog in the next couple of days and I’m sure the information will be helpful. Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Beautiful Story. Ive struggled with an eating disorder this past year even while being vegan. High carb raw veganism is helping me change that. Im eating a bit more and I dont feel overwhelmed. Thank you for your story and this site. I just found it today!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog while searching for a raw carrot cake recipe and I LOVE IT! You are doing an amazing job. It’s hard to believe you are so young. I have been following a LFRV diet for a couple of months and it’s helped me overcome my food obsessions. I look forward to your future posts. Keep up the great work!

  4. I love your blog! If I may ask, what is a typical day’s meals like for u? I’m new and seeing how someone does this healthfully would really help. can u post what a typical day’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks is like (food and amount)?

    Thanks SO much!

  5. Aloha,

    YES! The spiritual awakening when shifting your consciousness around food is tremendous. I am so passionate about raising awareness around food because this experience can be had by anyone. It’s one thing to tell people about it but an entire different thing if we can get them to actually try it and experience the LIVING LIFE FORCE (sunlight) for themselves.


    -BE, love :-) -Brother Echo

  6. Hello Priscilla, thank you so much for the awesome recipes, thank you for sharing. Mushroom teas are also great, like chaga, reishi and more. More and more, the truth is coming out. Seeing the world with your inner eyes. Pass by Club Organic during the week, I work there. It’s a nice place for buying organic food. All the fruits and vegetables are certified organic. Thank you!

  7. Pris, que bien se ve tu blog!!. Muchas felicidades por llevar a cabo tus proyectos, recibe un fuerte abrazo de mi parte y espero vernos pronto.

  8. Hola.. desde la Ciudad de México.. vi tu video de arroz a la mexicana.. me gusto y espero hacerlo se me hizo agua la boca.. Gracias por compartilo… Soy de Jalisco, pero actualmente vivo en el DF..tengo casi un año de vegetariano estricto… e intento alcanzar la dieta 100% cruda… que es poco fácil.. pues me gustan las tortillas, frijoles, arroz, etc… etc…

    Saludos cordiales Atte: Everardo Vergara

    • Muchas gracias! Ojalá que te guste cuando lo pruebes, la verdad que tiene muchos sabores, es de mis favoritos.
      Pues que bien que estés tratando de probar el crudi-veganismo llevo 3 años comiendo de esta manera y solo te puedo decir que vas a notar muchísimos beneficios no solo en tu salud pero en tu condición física, tu piel etc.

  9. Hey Priscilla, Just got your ebook…thx, looks great. Really like the way you format and present things. I’m in toronto and was wondering if you are ever in the area to do some one on one teaching? I’ve been on 811 for several months now but no skills in the kitchen ;) …also trying to figure out the best way to get my parents on 811 and your recipes look great! Please let me know if your availabe and what your cost would be.

  10. Sounds great. I guess you have my email since i purchased your book so just contact me through there if you come. Also, you might consider in some of your videos/recipes some more transitional type meal plans…thx again, all the best.

  11. What is a typical day’s diet like for u? Can u give a specific/detailed description of your meals and snacks (with amounts of food)? I’m having a hard time figuring this out…and seeing a template of what u do would be helpful.

    How many cals do u shoot for, as well as macronutrients (carbs, pro, fats) grams/%?

    Are u 100% raw? If not, what do u eat cooked and how often? Do u do grains and legumes?

    • Hi Stacy! It’s hard to tell because it is always different but for sure I can tell you I eat around 2000-2400 cals per day. My biggest meals are lunch and dinner instead of breakfast like many 80-10-10’ners, I just don’t like to eat a lot very early. I do eat fats and I do eat them often specially avocados and durian, never eat seeds or nuts, prefer whole foods. Probably everyday, even if eating avocados I’m around 80-13-7 (7 being protein).
      I used to be all raw for 2 years, but after my third year vegan I started eating things like steamed sweet potatoes or butternut squash which I love and specially at this time around. I eat sweet potatoes whenever I want to, like right now, I’ve been eating one SP or one big BS every day and trying to keep it all 80-10-10, haven’t ate over-fats since I came back from Mexico where I used to eat 1 small avocado every day. I don’t do grains and legumes, I feel they are too heavy on me, specially legumes but have done it before with quinoa, millet or puffed whole brown rice and it was ok, I don’t mind those but I prefer not to eat them.

      What else? For staples I always have bananas of course, right now like I said, sweet potatoes/butternut squash, apples, lots of greens (spinach, lettuce..), and different veggies for my salads. I always have limes and lemons just in case I need them for my salads or also for making lemon-water which is great for detox and the liver. If any more doubts please let me know :) Hope this helped a little.

      • Thanks SO much for the info!!! It’s refreshing to see someone follow the LFRV diet without dogma and militant strictness in terms of needing to be 100% raw!

        Do u do your cooked portion at night? I’d still love to see a “typical day” outline, for I’m still struggling getting my cals up, figuring out portion sizes, and making sure I get variety and such….protein especially!

        I would love to see posts of a daily diet that u do. Have u seen the latest trend in food blogs called “What I eat Wednesday”? Bloggers photograph and list their entire day’s diet (all meals and snacks with recipes…some even include nutrition info). Have u considered doing that?

        Do u do flax or chia? What are your thoughts on soy and nutritional yeast and salt-free raw sauerkraut?

        U have such a refreshing POV and I love it!

      • It’s all about embracing veganism but also your appetite! Whether you choose 100% raw or not, it’s already a huge step that won’t just bring benefits to you but also to the environment so if it’s too hard for you being 100% raw right now don’t take it too seriously, just try to follow the 80/10/10 approach like you’ve been doing and eat things you like, for example bananas are a staple for any 811’ner but if someone does not like it you just need to look for something you enjoy. I’ll keep the “what I eat wednesday” in mind for my next blog posts, sounds like a good idea and maybe that will be helpful, but remember each body is different so what might work for me might not work 100% for you, just try to eat enough cals throughout the day (raw or cooked), if eating fats look for whole foods and nope, I don’t eat sweet potato skins, don’t like them.
        And about protein, I don’t know if you actually read the book by Dr. Graham but protein deficiency does not exist, everything we eat has at least little amounts of protein and by the end of the day, if you’re eating enough you’ll get a good percentage of protein.

  12. I found your blog through the BGD facebook page and I am so happy I did! I am new to the blogger world and am searching for all the RAWers out there. Thank you for sharing your story! I too, struggled with disordered eating/overexercising and health issues which got scary and my weight and health went down the drain. Healing and recorving is remarkable however. Keep it up! i Love the blog and can’t wait to try all your recipes!!! :)

  13. Hi! I just found out about your YouTube channel and site! I love them both! I read your story and its funny because I have gone through the exact same thing. I suffered from an eating disorder for a long time and finally broke free and found the 811 lifestyle. It has changed my life in so many ways. I am much happy with myself…just knowing that I am taking care of myself! I’m in love with the positivity this lifestyle brings. Thanks for sharing your story and keep up with the great work! <3
    Your friend,

    • Hi Jessica!!

      Thank you so much I’m very happy you like the blog:) It’s a long path and we learn more and more each day, like I said, it always has ups and downs but definitely my life has changed completely too and it’s all about being positive and changing your perspective about things right? I don’t follow the 811 100% anymore, but it was a great tool for me at the beginning and now I just keep moving forward and feeling better and happier every day!
      Have a great weekend!:)

  14. Hey

    Just had to say you again, how much I love your blog <3 It's very similar to the things I eat. But Even so I'm very interested in what you eat at the moment. For example, you have written, you never eat nuts or seeds, or quinoa. But in the last few post you use quinoa and tahin very often too. Is the diet you described above in the comments out-of-date? What's your exactly current diet? (not the amounts, just which products and ho much raw…)
    Would be great, if you could answer…
    Lots of LOVE and go on with your blog

    • Hi Jael! I’m very happy you enjoy the blog. I updated my About page a couple of weeks ago, where I talk about what I eat now and how my diet has changed a little bit from what it used to be. I basically follow a plant based diet, but I try to stay away from dogma and simply enjoy real, whole foods that are good for my body. I think it’s very important to listen your body, because we all are different and unique human beings, so I don’t believe in a “one diet fits all” anymore. I eat lots of raw foods on a daily basis, but I also enjoy cooked plant based meals like the ones you see here or some baked goodies:) you can read more about it on the About page, on the bottom of the text. Hope it helps to answer your questions

      • I Love the no dogma stance. It seems like a lot of raw vegans are now changing their diet. What about it do u think makes it unsustainable long term?

        Also, if u don’t mind me asking, what animal products do u now eat? There is no shame in that, and I am contemplating it as well

        Thanks for the great blog and positivity

      • Hi Stacy,
        I honestly think it has tons of benefits and eating raw foods on a daily basis is a most for me. Keeping most of your daily foods in their natural state can prevent many diseases and strength your immune system. At the same time, I really don’t think eating only raw foods long term is sustainable. Your body needs certain nutrients that we can’t get from only eating raw plant-based foods. You can be very healthy and succeed in a well-balanced vegan diet, making sure you’re getting adequate amounts of all essential nutrients, but I don’t think you can be 100% raw without supplements, which I totally dislike and shouldn’t be necessary if you have a well-balanced diet.

        We all are different and unique, so each body will have different needs. I don’t believe on “one diet fits all”. I don’t consume animal products on a regular basis, I find that my body feels good and thrives in a mostly plant based diet.
        Hope this helps to answer your question and the best tip I can give you is to listen to your body, truly listen, it always has the answer you’re looking outside:)

  15. Hi Priscilla! I love your blog it’s so awesome! My name is Jean and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Morrocco Method Int’l we have challenged the standard beauty routine; supplying hair care products created from truly natural, non-toxic and chemical-free ingredients!
    Who We Are:

    • Raw & Wild-Crafted
    • Vegan
    • Chemical-free
    • Gluten Free

    Living with our hair care is just as important as the food we enjoy. It might seem impossible to find products that allow you to look fab and not dirty drab, but with Morrocco Method it’s easy! We have created a system that doesn’t compromise the purity of our ingredients OR the quality of your look. With Morrocco Method, it’s beauty the way nature intended. You;ve inspired me and I want to send you some samples to try! Email me if your interested.

  16. I saw you on Arnold’s YouTube & saw your website. You inspired me. God is moving in my life & my eating disorder. Pray for me that I get the knowledge I need to move forward in a healthy lifestyle. I have been so hopeless.

    • Hi Carla! I truly wish you the best, God is kind and He loves us so much He won’t let you stay where you are. The first step is to let Him work within you because healing an ED is a process but you can do it! Any step is a step and it counts! So keep pushing and looking forward to that amazing life He has for you :)

  17. Hola Priscilla!! Esta es la primera vez que leo tu historia en tu blog! De veras que eres una inspiracion!! Me hubiera encantado verte en Mexico verano pasado… Ojala que un dia tenga la oportunidad de verte cara a cara y platicar contigo. Seria un gran honor! Ya me tomare el tiempo de explorar tu blog completo. Besos y abrazos. Ligia

  18. So cool! I am so happy to hear your story and that your life is working out and you have overcome your ED! SO wonderful to find a fellow healthy food lover who is also Christian!

  19. Pingback: Raw chocolate and strawberry cookies ~ Bolachas cruas de chocolate e morangos | The extra in the ordinary

  20. Hola Priscilla, tu historia ha tocado mi corazón. Trabajo en una agenica de RP y me encantaría platicarte de una propuesta para que seas embajadora de una de las cuentas que llevo. Tendrás algún mail donde pueda platicártelo?

    Saludos y enhorabuena!

  21. Interesante, estilo de vida. Yo he estado trabajando mi cuerpo A base de jugoterápia..el día de hoy es mi día 27 de ayuno….me compartes tu punto de vista x favor?

    • Pues yo creo que ayunos de jugos son muy buenos pero siempre bajo supervisión profesional, no recomiendo más de 30 días, es mejor continuar con una buena alimentación y los jugos adicional a tus alimentos.
      La asesoría por la que me preguntas tiene un costo de $3500 pesos por 5 semanas, incluye diferentes menús personalizados de 10 días cada uno y asesorías vía teléfono o skype

  22. Hola, Priscilla. Ere una gran inspiración muy ricas tus recetas. Quisiera comentarte que llevo casi 2 ańos que estoy incorporando frutas y verduras en mi estilo de vida. Green smoothies y jugos naturales. Llevo un estilo casi vegetariano. Me gustaría si pudieras darme información hacerca de plant-based donde puedo estudiar o informarme un poco. Muchas gracias y que Dios te bendiga sigue adelante…Xoxo

  23. Hola Priscilla, gracias a Dios por tu vida, por poner este día tu blog en mi camino, es justo lo que necesito, tengo 6 años batallando con un ED, y sufro mucho por que al igual que tu soy Cristiana, y por mas que pido perdon a Dios y le prometo cuidar de mi salud y cuerpo sigo sin lograrlo, me urge tu ayuda y contactarte, por este mismo problema no me he podido embarazar tengo casi 27 años y 2 de casada. Dios te siga usando, bendiciones

  24. Hello, I am wondering where you got certified to be a health Coach, advanced detox and plant-based lifestyle coach?

  25. Quiero comprar el ebook pero quiero saber si es en español
    Quiero aprovechar la promoción para una sesión de salud gratis, tengo anemia aplasica y quiero saber si me puede apoyar.
    Espero respondan pronto

  26. Hola Priscilla, me interesa tu queso vegano de nuez de la india donde o como lo puedo adquirir, vivo en Los Cabos, BCS Muchas gracias

  27. Hola, me encantó tu testimonio. Dios siga fortaleciendo tu corazón y tus talentos, eres luz y bendición para quienes te vemos y aprenedemos hacer tus recetas.

  28. Hi!! I’m really interested in holistic nutrition! How can I learn more about it? There aren’t many courses on it in the U.S. Thanks for any help :)

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