Time To Refresh!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday was market day! I went to a different place this time, it’s not even a real market, it’s just a part of the city where a couple of local people sell fresh fruits and vegetables. I found amazing things though! Better than the big farmer’s market actually, or sort of. I finally found red bananas! I’ve been looking for them for ages! Even in Costa Rica, I looked and looked but never found them. I randomly saw them there, waiting for me!


I found all types of bananas, huge and cheap pineapples (bought so many I’ll have to make a new recipe soon), all types of veggies, different types of mangos including my all time favorite: “mango-piΓ±a” (heaven), watermelon, rambutan, papayas, oh and of course jicama, the all time star…


Ok, so into food now. I made an amazing drink a few days ago that was sweet, tasty and amazingly refreshing.

So easy to make that even kids can do by their own! You’ll need only 2 ingredients and it will be heavenly! My mom bought a bag with 100 local oranges last week so everyone in my home has been drinking lots of orange juice, happy me!

Mango-Orange Smoothie

Serves 2Β 

3 cups fresh orange juice

2 (cold) medium ataulfo mangos, only meat

Blend on high speed blender until smooth. If by some reason it is to thick just add more juice or water. I totally recommend you to make this with either cold orange juice or leave the mangos the night before in the fridge, because the coldness is what gives the smoothie an amazing refreshing touch.

3 thoughts on “Time To Refresh!

  1. What a wonderful looking juice. I adore the combo of mango and orange.
    Nice post. It is important to remember that it is totally possible to eat raw in just about any situation or circumstance.
    Peace and Raw Health,

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