Tamarind Asian Rolls

I have something refreshing and for sure delicious! I made this back in Mexico a couple of months ago, I can’t wait to be back home to make more goodies! And I have a few fresh jackfruits waiting for me, so exciting!!


As you may know, or maybe not, tamarind is a very popular fruit in Mexico, traditional mexican foods include tamarind all the time, specially beverages. So, I was trying to get the most out of local things that are available while I was there, but also keeping in mind that it was available in other countries. Tamarind is very easy to find both in Canada and USA, most of the time in asian, caribbean or latin markets.


This sauce came out of my head while shopping at a local market. You can follow the instructions in the video, and what a better way to eat it than with some veggie rolls! I tried it both as a dipping sauce for the rolls and as a dressing, just added a little bit more water and both were fine. Your choice!


Gastrawnomica’s Tamarind Asian Rolls

Zucchini, peeled
Veggies (julienned)
Spinach and cilantro leaves
1/2 cup tamarind pulp
1/2 cup dates, soaked and pitted
2 Tbsp fresh apple juice
Water as needed

Follow video instructions.

I hope you give this a try if you find some tamarind, which I’m pretty sure you will if you look for it. I always see it here in Montreal so I’m sure if you ask maybe you will. I hoep you all have an awesome weekend, which is almost here! I have a long weekend, Monday is Queen Victoria’s Day, so no school for me!


Talk to you soon!

7 thoughts on “Tamarind Asian Rolls

    • Hi Cecilie!
      I use natural tamarind, so it can be sweet or a little bit sour sometimes, so sometimes you might use extra dates, to make it sweeter or less if it’s already a little sweet:)
      Hope it helps!

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