How To Stick To Your Healthy Resolutions

New Year, new life! This week I’ll be posting all about fitness and how to start the year with the right foot by adding exercise to your daily routine so stay tune for amazing topics coming soon!

Most of us always say “I’ll start exercising as soon as the holidays are over” or “I swear I will make healthier eating habits starting next year” but does it really happens? Mmmmm.. not that much!
I know how hard it can be to stick to a new year’s resolution, specially because we don’t like anything that comes with the word change, hard, different, but most of all the word commitment.

I was they type of person who used to start something and after 5 months would be over it. The only thing that has last for a really long time is tennis. Even though I don’t practice it anymore, is something I grew up with and did the “work” for my entire childhood and some teenage years. And zumba classes + pilates, oh boy how I loved zumba in high school..
But let me tell you about painting, piano, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming.. Oh my..That was over in the blink of an eye! Not for me!
And right now, everything is the total opposite. I became more committed to the things I know are priority.
I build up willpower! Exercising is all about consistency, for both seeing results and for making it an habitual part of your day.
And there’s one other tiny little secret: exercise is fun! When you realize that exercise is not punishment but something very important for your body, that does not only brings you benefits in the way you look but health benefits that makes every minute worth it!

And just to let you know the 5 most “mind blowing” benefits of including exercise on you daily routine:
1. It reverses the detrimental effects of stress
2. It lifts depression
3. It improves learning
4. It builds self-esteem and improves body image
5. It leaves you feeling euphoric
You can read the complete information here.

The secret is finding what you like. For example, I know I hate sports like basketball or soccer but when it comes to jogging, dancing and relaxing activities like yoga and pilates.. I’m in!
It is very important to do something you enjoy. Because that way it is not hard, on the contrary it becomes very enjoyable.
For example, before I couldn’t jog for more than 10 min! I was dead! But after changing my eating habits including more fruits I can see how my fitness level increased. So you see, there’s a relation with what we eat and how we perform.

A lot of people asks me how vegans can be athletes without animal protein. Easy! There are so many examples of successful vegan athletes that after changing their eating habits their performances changed drastically in a positive way. Just to mention a few Patrick Neshek, Brendan Brazier, Jane Black, Mac Danzig, Georges Laraque.. And the “latest addition” Venus and Serena Williams yeeei!

You can read more about top vegan athletes here too.

So to resume how can you stick to your new year’s resolutions?
1. Set a schedule
One of the most important ways you can stick to your goals is by scheduling in your workouts. By adding workouts to your calendar, you’ll be more apt to remember them, as well as keep exercise a priority when things get hectic.
2. Take it easy
Don’t think you have to go all out every day. Make sure that you take time for a rest day during your workouts. Whether you take time for a massage to rehab weary muscles or a light-intensity workout, don’t force your body too hard. Love it and spoil it once in a while!
3. Stock up on wardrobe basics.
Oh my.. if you don’t want to be doing laundry nonstop, stock up on odor-reducing, moisture-wicking performance wear β€” wearing fitness-specific clothes instead of an old t-shirt (because it does makes all the difference when you’re drenched in sweat). Invest in a few quality performance items, and keep them in good shape.
4. Choose your favorite way to workout
Whether your going to a gym or doing outdoor workout, find the best exercise that suits you and your body. Remember to enjoy it and have your goal set no matter what.
5. Find what motivates YOU!
Whether it’s rewarding yourself with a small gift when you reach a mini-goal or starting a workout club, having something that keeps you on the right exercise path is important. (But try not to choose a chocolate cake for reward! Why not better trying one of my raw desserts for a healthier option? Yumm)

So friends, now you have no excuse! I think these tips can be very helpful if you’re looking for a change in your lifestyle. Remember to take your own steps and to do it your way without any pushing.. just try not to take too long!

Have an amazing start of the year!!

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