Santa’s Cookies, Milk and a Gift Recipe

Hello beautiful people!
Can’t believe is christmas!! I’m so excited! It didn’t felt like christmas holidays since I came until now that I saw my house full of food, the smell of fresh baked desserts, family and presents everywhere.. Oh my! I love it!

As always, I’ve been having so much fun here, with my friends that I had not seen in a while and my enormous family that I adore.

In another topic, I made a video a few days ago that is perfect for christmas! Kids will love it too! I made super easy and fast 811 cookies and banana milk to go with them! Perfect for Santa’s midnight snack!
And because of christmas I decided to share with you an extra recipe I created. It became my mom’s favorite spread and one of my cousins came a few days ago and I gave it a try and she couldn’t believe what the ingredients were!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this 3 easy, fast and delicious recipes.

Priscilla’s Prune Butter
1 cup prunes
Hot water as needed
Blend until creamy.

Christmas Cookies
1 cup dried figs
1/2 cup dates
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Blend in food processor until sticky. Give them shape and serve.

Banana Milk
2 ripe bananas
Cold water as needed
Blend until smooth and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Santa’s Cookies, Milk and a Gift Recipe

  1. Priscilla,
    brilliant as usual, you look so happy at home!
    This reminds me of doing my favorite milkshake, which is banana, medjool date and
    cardamon, it tastes like a caramel shake!
    Merry Xmas to you and your whole family.

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  3. Priscilla, what do you have the prune butter with? Obviously it would be good on bread, but I’m trying to avoid that right now since I’m focusing on raw foods.

  4. Priscilla, what do you have with the prune butter? Obviously it would be a good spread for bread, but since I’m trying to eat unrefined and mostly raw foods, I’m not eating bread right now.

    • Hi Jeff, it’s great with apple slices for a snack or top your morning fruit bowl with a couple of tablespoons. Also, I made a variation of it, adding soaked dates and blending it together and it is delicious. You can eat a banana with it, instead of almond/peanut butter.

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